Awards Banquet

Saturday, November 19th

This year's awards banquet will take place at the Shenandoah Community Center (same as last year) on Nov 19th.

While the top three in each track class, those being Late Model, Legend, Bando, Sportsman and U-Car will receive awards, any driver that participated in racing during the 2016 is welcome to attend.

There will also be awards such as Rookie of the Year and various sponsor awards given out on the same night

Food will be catered by the wonderful Shelly as per last year.
Note: Any driver among the top five in points will receive a trophy at the banquet. Drivers or a team rep must be present at the banquet to accept the award.

Call Russell (540)290-3011 to make reservations for this year's celebration or simply mail a check made out to Shenandoah Speedway, 301 Precision Rd, Shenandoah, Va 22849



Just a reminder that all Late Model drivers must compete on track bought Hoosier tires. This rule has been in effect for a long time, but some people have been slipping through the cracks of inspection.

That will not happen any more. All tires will be inspected many times throughout a night of racing and DQ's will occur if tech officials find otherwise.


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