2017 Racing Schedule

March 25th - Open Practice

Miss Shenandoah Speedway 2017
This year's program to choose the new Miss Shenandoah Speedway will be a little different than in previous years.
The new pageant format will be conducted at the racetrack on opening day, April 1st.
Those ladies 18 years old and up will gather at the racetrack at 5:30 p.m. with judging ceremonies held in front of the crowd and the winner chosen by four current drivers.
Additional information is coming soon.



Just a reminder that all Late Model drivers must compete on track bought Hoosier tires. This rule has been in effect for a long time, but some people have been slipping through the cracks of inspection.

That will not happen any more. All tires will be inspected many times throughout a night of racing and DQ's will occur if tech officials find otherwise.


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