Driver and Owners Meeting
On January 14th, 2017, there will be a drivers meeting for any and all drivers that compete at Shenandoah Speedway.
The main topic of discussion will be tires.
We are considering a switch to American Racing tires for the Late Models and U-Cars.
Also under consideration is going to a two-tire rule.
Other topics to be discussed are the new engine rules for Late Models.
All drivers all welcome to attend the 2 o'clock gathering in the infield, weather permitting.
More info? Call Russell Schmidt at 540 290-3011


2017 Racing Schedule

Note: Final detailed schedule to come soon!

March 25 - Practice Date
April 1 - First Race Date
April 15 - Second Race Date
April 29 - Third Race Date
May 13 - Fourth Race Date
May 27 - Fifth Race Date
June 3 - Sixth Race Date
June 17 - Seventh Race Date
June 24 - Eighth Race Date
July 15 - Ninth Race Date
July 29 - Tenth Race Date
Aug 12 - Eleventh Race Date
Aug 26 - Twelfth Race Date
**Sept 2 - Thirteenth Race Date
Sept 16 - Fourteenth Race Date
Sept 30 - Fifteenth Race Date

** This date is slated for the THIRD RACING FOR WISHES event.



Just a reminder that all Late Model drivers must compete on track bought Hoosier tires. This rule has been in effect for a long time, but some people have been slipping through the cracks of inspection.

That will not happen any more. All tires will be inspected many times throughout a night of racing and DQ's will occur if tech officials find otherwise.


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